The STAR Team were:

Jennie Savage | Mathew Lovett | Anne Seigel | Emma Dammen | Nic Finch | Adam Williams | Zoe King

Jennie Savage

STAR radio was an artist project by Jennie Savage.
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Mathew Lovett : Producer / Head Sound Technician
Mathew has a background in music, sound engineering & teaching. He worked at STAR Radio part time for the duration of the project sharing advice / information about recording sound and music.

Anne Seigel : Sound Editor/ Producer
Anne worked at STAR Radio as an editor. She gave people advice on sound production and helped them to edit their programmes. She also produced and edited projects..

Emma Dammen: Leaad Sound Facilitator
Emma was the other full time memebr of staff. She helped people to develop their projects, recorded and edited sound and generally helped to manage the huge in-flux of people comming into the shop

Nic Finch: Webdesign
Nic has been working as a web and graphic designer for the past five years. He has created the STAR Radio website in collaboration with Jennie Savage and has been on hand throughout the project to keep the site updated, develop an online arhive and updated the site 'live', throughout the broadcast week.

Adam Williams: Photographer
Adam was been on hand throughout the project to document the project

Zoe King: Project Manager
Zoe works at CBAT and she is managing the project. We couldn't have done it without Zoe!

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