6 weeks after the Radio broadcast ended the STAR project was shown at the National Museum Of Wales in Cardiff. The audio was re-organised as an archive to be accessed on headphones, via the ‘Walks in STAR CD Rom’, and also through the online archive.

The purpose of this show was to offer a chance to experience the archive in a form that took the voices from the street and placed them within a National Institution. The installation was symbolic, seeking to question the nature of institutions and deconstruct processes of representation. More importantly, however, the Exhibition in the museum really concluded the process of STAR Radio.

The Nurses from the ex-Royal Infirmary came to the opening of the museum. I was chatting to Pauline and she said, “what you have done Jen is put us in the museum, we would never have dreamed of being in the museum”. I don’t think she meant that it was her dream to be in the museum or even that it was a life aim, but rather that a whole load of information which would not normally seem important or interesting had somehow ended up under a microscope and looked at through a lens.