During the 6 months that STAR Radio was based in the shop on Clifton Street over 116 hours of radio programmes were recorded. These comprised of programmes made and submitted by people from the area, people who came into the shop without a specific idea and made something in collaboration with the sound facilitators, people with programme ideas but needed technical support, people who took part in workshops or who led me on a guided tour of the area, and projects made by commissioned artists.

I wanted to organise all of these programmes so that they created a narrative and looked into elements of STAR, but also raised questions of a more global nature. My interest in the organisation or curation of the programme was to think about things that were present here, an examination into the special-ness of places and areas within STAR, but also to locate those points within a global context. Everything present in the world is also, in someway, present here in STAR.

During the broadcast week there was 3 live programmes a day, for example, Tremorfa Allotments hosted a lunchtime show, as did lover of glam rock Dave Jewell, Soul Man Cass, Kurdish music fan Saied, and Indie lady Heather. These sessions were free for anyone to sign up to and over the week, 21 live shows were hosted. In the evenings there was music live from the garage and also the STAR Juke box, where, over the week some 42 people played their favourite 5 songs of all time and explained why they choose them.